About Us

About us

Welcome to The Drinksfusion Cocktail Shop!

A luxury drinks delivery service like no other!


With our seasonally curated drinks menus, you will have the chance to become a mixologist and create exquisite drinks, using 100% hand made products from all-natural ingredients.

Ideal for intimate get togethers with friends, family or colleagues-either in real life or done virtually!

Each DIY drink we design is crafted using home made seasonal liqueurs, aperitifs, naturally fermented sodas, cordials, shrubs and syrups.
Blended with craft spirits and the finest responsibly sourced fruits from around the world. Seasoned with hand foraged botanicals.

As well as delivering all ingredients, ice and garnish, we can also supply the necessary professional cocktail equipment and glasses.

An instructional video is provided for each cocktail ensuring your drink is flawlessly executed each time, just like a professional!

All our unique drinks recipes are created and delivered to you by our fabulous Drinksfusion team!

More about Drinksfusion

A luxury drinks catering company, renowned for its creativity, sublime drinks and professional service.


After moving to London in 1998 from his native Sweden, Johan Svensson established Drinksfusion in 2006.

Driven by his passion for creating truly unique drinks and his obsession for sourcing remarkable natural flavours, he is recognised as one of the best flavour foragers in the business. Johan and his team have served up stylish and phenomenal cocktails at some of the UK’s most prestigious venues, such as Tate Galleries, V&A, Buckingham Palace and The Royal Academy of Arts.
Johan has also curated bespoke drinks menus for clients ranging from prominant artists and A-list celebrities to creative tech companis like Adobe and luxury lifestyle brands, such as Ralph Lauren, GQ Magazine,
Fabergé and Temperly London.

An expert in his field, Johan is chair of judges for the International Spirits Challenge 2021 (Aquavit & Other World Spirits category).